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tv   [untitled]    November 6, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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americans fall to voting stations after the end of a presidential campaign. some polls go digital. gives a voice to the candidate shunned by the media with third party hopefuls calling for an end to america's party domination. plus on the second day of strikes in greece and nationwide freezes the country as lawmakers prepare to vote through new cards crucial for receiving a fresh if you catch. a moscow claims high tech american weapons are reaching rebels in syria and accuses the western media of flawed reporting.
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international news in coming from the new center here in moscow this is r.t. our top story the vote that's affecting every nation on earth the u.s. presidential election. with ballots now open across mainland america voters are flocking to decide their president the voting is already hitting trouble in the superstorm northeast thousands are struggling to reach a polling station why not again have parties voter suppression and even ballot tampering surface elsewhere let's cross to new york for more so bring us up to speed how is the voting progressing at this stage of the day. well at this stage frustration is mounting by u.s. voters that are heading to polling locations in new york and throughout the country
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and facing extremely long lines confusion and delays here in new york state more than two hundred forty puling sites were destroyed in the aftermath of sandy the superstorm due to that there is a massive amount of overcrowding at several polling locations that one location in manhattan they were voting delays reported because election officials couldn't find ballot cards and scanners were not working properly lines are extending around blocks in certain parts of new york city in new york state causing many to leave because they have to get to work now in nearby new jersey where more than two hundred fifty polling locations were destroyed by the storm last week government officials are allowing voters to fax in their ballot or vote online but cyber security experts say this can lead to voter fraud because and also for votes to be hops because u.s. cyber security is not going to affect this point to withstand
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a secure election now we are just getting word within the past half hour that in florida were lines are extending more than three hours long that there have also been reports that hundreds of voters in florida are receiving robo calls from someone claiming to be an elective an election official saying that the election day is on wednesday meanwhile in oregon there's also been allegations of voter fraud ballot tampering a lawsuit has already been filed in florida which i was referring to before about early voting suppression in nevada democrats are being accused of registering illegal immigrants and meanwhile authorities in texas in iowa are threatening international election monitors from the organization for security and cooperation in europe with arrest if they approached. voting locations so clearly this election day a day where americans will be choosing not only just as city state official but choosing
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between barack obama and mitt romney this election day is proving to be very problematic causing lots of contre very controversy in various states but this is not the first time the u.s. election has garnered criticism from the electorate artie's honest explains. you elected me to tell you the truth honesty is the best policy while maybe not in u.s. elections two words define why people hate america double standard on everything this presidential election season these two words are back in full swing the basic definition of a double standard is a rule or principle unfairly applied in different ways to different people or groups let's find out if this is relevant to the us election system from questionable voter id regulations to shorten to early voting time slots to gerrymandering were rigged ruling congressional district lines to favor certain
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party laws affecting voters' rights are passed left and right and vary state by state do you have an eric holder this video shows how easy it is to attempt to steal attorney general eric holder's vote when an idea is not required i should forget my id. yet places the do ask for government issued photo id can affect over ten percent of americans that simply don't have one there is an attempt to prevent large numbers of people from actually exercising the ballot election monitors usually serve the purpose of keeping track of and discrepancies and while the us likes to keep a close eye on the way elections are handled abroad even the carter center which grows a rod and does the great we're monitoring elections. refuses to monitor us elections on the grounds. basic stance. of integrity when i mention ideals are not met elsewhere criticism runs rampant elections in venezuela elections in iran elections
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in russia. the press will go to town on any sign that the outcome was fixed and while nit picking abroad is all the rage the elephant in the room remains unnoticed at home or policymakers in to a great extent our media and and trickle down to the american people have literally the literally think that the rest of the world is stupid that they don't see it that everybody naturally house to admit admire us that we're great and it's not the case well obvious flaws are met with a deaf ear here in and year out a flawed election process continues to be the first vote cast in the us and if their future party new york. polls still can't separate barack obama or mitt romney who's been in a dead heat for a month now but alongside the two front runners many others were running weren't given a voice in the media so our t. gave them the platform they needed the notion that we have been the country that stood up to the ball the as opposed to being a bully it's
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a growing police state quite obviously we can end the failed racist war on drugs downsize the military and the drone wars bring the troops home let's stop with our military interventions let's get out of afghanistan tomorrow thirty thousand drones flying over the united states what are they flying over the united states in the unemployment and jumpstart the green economy that spells an end to climate change and make wars for oil obsolete. but what was striking about the debate was how different the proposals put forward were from those of obama and romney what he's going to come report and just what a third party could have to offer. we'll listen to presidential candidates who know very well you know perfectly well that they don't stand a chance to win this election but they screw their hats in the ring because they claim the two parties were public and democratic have conspired to leave americans with no choice or with an illusion of choice as they say joel stein from the green
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party and gary johnson from the libertarian party debated in our studio this monday night but it was not a debate simply against the two party system listening to how these alternative candidates argued on the economy you could see how dramatically opposite their views are. on the subject it was a heated debate on the role of the government the libertarian candidate for instance was arguing that the u.s. should get rid of all taxes except the federal consumption tax but on foreign policy they demonstrated a similar view both offering views distinctly alternative to those of romney and barack obama who we deserve a foreign policy based on international law human rights and diplomacy unfortunately we currently have an international policy based on wars for oil and the use of brute military force as a tool of foreign policy we're funding the syrian insurgents a quarter of the syrian insurgents are just potus did we not learn our lessons when
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it came to afghanistan and the fact that we bankrolled osama bin laden and how did that turn out look there are unintended consequences to our military interventions always worse than better campaign financing is becoming a huge issue here especially with the supreme court ruling which now allows corporations to funnel as much money as they want into political campaigns which makes it virtually impossible for someone without the backing of the big party machines to win an election the news cycle here in america is entirely focused on the two parties americans know very little if anything about alternative candidates when green parties jill stein was the west. they protesting outside the place where president obama and mitt romney debated in mid october he went completely ignored by the media here so it seems the potus aleutian is to black out alternative voices and to convince the american people that they have no other choice but for obama mitt romney and the mainstream media here are very much part of that blackout.
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let's get a job of this view on the votes in the campaign itself with freelance writer ben trying to join me live now from the states now the economy has dominated this election from the occupy movement to popular anger with bankers it's clear that americans are unhappy do you believe either the candidates can fix the nation's finances no i don't think. i'm going to be large if you want any sort of. only economy and i think that's the principal reason why. for years a default. brand spectacles were focused on what they look like. oh they're presenting them so they're trying to create for. the other i mean. the number shouldn't be six billion dollars you know in and of themselves and. so on our toes in trying to convince the american public that there is a difference between the two. gender wars and difference between the two ban many
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saying that their policies are very similar. i mean there's differences. on the fundamental issues on your form. of government at all but also that. the democrats are going to bring. states so they're going to pursue and ensure you will grow old cities at home and. let's talk about foreign policy you talk about imperialism abroad do you think though that the american people really have an appetite for more wars more military ventures abroad. well you look at the public polling. american public overall and they want to get consumer and now overwhelmingly opposed to military intervention into syria. military conflict. but the american public was opposed to a military conflict in iraq. so
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a lot of times especially in. american public wants and what is going to pursue washington go on. just briefly campaign pledges he promise to shut down guantanamo bay today of course is still open for business and the president even has the power to assassinate anyone it will converge is really trust what a boma has to say and whether he will keep his promises if he gets in this time around again. i don't think they can trust really any additional troops. there are going to make this. moment. i don't think any better on the ronnie brown thing but he's. going to rule some more people over there are going to say was it wrong you can actually prove anything so he's going to that and convincing the american public he's we know from you know what you just this or both of these. or. better bigger than.
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yours so i don't think any. promises made during campaign. are you working. ok trying to thank you very much indeed for your thoughts to see it live in the usa and uk by the way of course we'll be continuing extensive coverage here in l a t as the vote progress is tackling issues you won't have being addressed on mainstream networks they up to date on the elections right here and also on our website dot com. of the six america votes for its next president. to take the wheel as the u.s. drives into the future. get the news the mainstream missives with uploads election coverage to his election up close. and on t.v. dot com.
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usually the police and occupy protesters are like oil and water but in atlanta they've come together to save the house of a former detective jacqueline barber unfortunately ms barber lost a lot of money battling cancer and was facing eviction when she turned to occupy homes for help so far she's managed to stay in her home despite it being sold out from under her feet but the main thing is that her fight to stay in her home has become like a bridge between two groups who are usually at each other's throats the police and occupiers the thing is that cruel economic practices can affect us all even retired police like ms barber i know there are some irresponsible people who buy things they can't pay for and here the police have to do something about them but they shouldn't throw you out of your home that you've paid for for years just for getting cancer no one should have to live with the constant fear that their home
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will be taken away after years and years of payment just because they got sick and america i thought we believed in private property not eternally renting from big banks but that's just my opinion. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear sees some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew. i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture. we speak your language. school music programs and documentaries in spanish matters to you breaking news a little turn to tip angles kiddies stories. you hear.
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in spanish find out more visit. news continues here on r.t. israel has announced plans to build over a thousand new homes in the occupied west bank the international community has condemned tel aviv's settlement policies saying they violate international law but the jewish state feels safe under the us i'm brother which will remain whoever becomes the next president that's a view of jeff he's the head of the israeli committee against house demolitions. it's true the international community opposes israeli policies but it won't do anything to sanction israel and israel knows it and it knows it whether obama's elected or romney selected its trump card is the american congress support that israel has from both political parties and it doesn't care anymore it will do this
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in the light of day israel has eliminated the two state solution as it's called it's completely imprisoned the palestinians and no one in the world is going to speak up against it so it doesn't matter really if it's opportunistic or not the point is that israel wins. russia's foreign minister says sophisticated american surface to air missiles are making their way into the hands of rebel militias in syria he will syracuse the western media of twisting the facts in its reporting of the civil war more now from marty's point to snip. the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov speaking in the jordanian capital of amman has warned against western power was supplying syrian opposition fighters with illegal weapons he says that russia has evidence as well as information that if i just stop being supplied with high tech a face of equipment more than fifty sting as a chemical in the hands of the bullfighters and that equipment is made now lavrov
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also said that he was very surprised to find out that the b.b.c. says it has information that russia is supplying syria with weapons of mass destruction he said it was amazing to hear from a coast funded of such a respected corporation such claims being made at the same time he did say that russia was finishing its arms shipment to damascus and that these were deals that were made and old contracts but that the distinction needs to be made that these are only defensive weapons weapons that are not being used in the conflict by comparison with the type of weapons that are making it into the opposition fighters today that are fueling the conflict on the ground not also say that russia's position is clear that they need to be talks between the syrian government and the opposition he said it is up to syrians to decide for themselves who they want in the transitional government and he warned against making from the outside now comments come as the syrian opposition needs in doha what we do know is that the meeting is aimed at bringing the opposition together but certainly the u.s. has previously suggested that it would hand pick some of the candidates for this
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new united opposition but we are seeing is washington taking an active part in forming this new body there are already rifts within the opposition with some members claiming that the reshuffle has not been done copy and that what we've seen is old names nearly being replaced by new names who really have the same political position there is growing concern of what will evolve in syria will be much the same as what happened in libya where western countries recognize the opposition as the only judge in the government and then launched a military action. the concern is that by not recognizing the syrian president bashar assad wish to nations will be given greater freedom to do what they want next country. the group of people who posted bail for julian assange of handed over thousands of pounds to authorities in britain their money was forfeit after the world's most famous whistleblower violated the conditions of his release by seeking refuge in the ecuadorian embassy in london the we could he said it is trying to
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avoid extradition to sweden vaughan smith is a renowned champion of independent journalism and one of those who had to pay up in the joins me live now from london. ninety four thousand pounds is being paid between nine of you thanks to a surge breaking his bail conditions and breaking your trust by fleeing to the ecuadorian embassy do you feel a bit let down by him. no i don't feel let down obviously thousand pounds which is the share the i've lost it was twenty and we managed to get it reduced but you know that is a significant sum but i don't personally hold julian assange responsible for that i think he's entitled to. entitled to claim political asylum we all are wrong why are you supporting him though. well i support the songs because i believe ultimately if you pull back enough from this i think people like a song a part of the evolution of our society is we need people to test our tolerances and challenge our views and i think it's very important that we are graceful to people
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that i think our societies you are you know russians and british society american society one of the things that tells us who we are is how we how we treat people that we may not all agree with but you're a journalist what would you say he's done for the reputation of journalism. oh i think a huge amount. you know i think he's he's challenge traditional journalism interestingly journalism that i know and i know pretty well i run a club for johnson london it's a sort of it's a sound baghdad area we do have a resentment of other people breaking into what we feel is our trade we're quite protective of it and i think that a significant amount of the reporting on the songs not all of it i mean of course everybody should be challenged. is. sort of. he's a we all dogs in the same race of this but i mean many many in the trade have actually shunned him have a name major newspapers in the u.k. and the u.s. once did support him and now actually turn their backs on it. in indeed but that
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doesn't invalidate his journalism i mean you have to look at that look at the products i mean i think what you do is if you look back they look worldwide if you go to countries non european countries and not and western countries he's enormously popular and it's very clear perhaps even more care there start to tear what he's achieved journalistically their take take india for example twenty front pages related to we can take six exposures related to corruption and things like virus and that's of great journalistic value now he's claiming that this extradition request could lead him ultimately to the u.s. and he's saying that this is actually humans rights issue that he could indeed face the death penalty in the usa i mean is that really possible. well look up i don't claim to be an expert on the american legal system but certainly if you look at bradley manning and his treatment and bradley manning is the alleged to be the person who provided this information beginning you know the whistleblower if you
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look at his treatment at the un report target for torture declared it as him having suffered torture so i don't think it's unreasonable but it's certainly unfortunate that we have these down ford's worth we really appreciate your time here live on r.t. thank you for joining us there from london thank you. billions of dollars are at stake for the british prime minister and a low key arms sales top of the gulf states david cameron's aim to sell a rather hundred typhoon fighter jets to clients with controversial records on human rights arms trade research about to be paid to police the potential deals are against british law well certainly the revelation cameron country to its normal form is only taking one camera man with him certainly does raise questions and certainly there are cameras should be embarrassed about sacked it's in the middle east right now what we're seeing is that the interests of international arms companies appear to be trumping british laws and british values when it comes to upholding human rights. cameron has publicly aligned himself with
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the arab spring movements he's going to great efforts as we can see to sell arms to the very same oppressive regimes that the arab spring was opposed to fundamentally promoting arms sales to these countries undermines what regulations u.k. does have on controlling arms exports these deals have been in extra could be linked to corruption in the past indeed yeah i'm an arms dealer to saudi arabia one of the countries in question is arguably the most corrupt transaction history of mankind. a fraud case in russia leads to a major reshuffle in the government. corruption claims the head of the country's defense ministry. in the nation's budget decision. plus a close call for iran as an israeli documentary reveals how tel aviv was. back in two thousand and ten. greece has
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been brought to a standstill by general strikes on the second day of what's been called devil's week we could public protest of the new austerity package about to be voted on by parliament. is in the center of athens. well the forty eight hour general strike is well and truly underway here in greece only seems thousands of people coming out onto the streets of athens to voice their anger against the latest round of austerity measures that's being put forward by prime ministers so maurice now that will be voted on a in parliament on whedon's stay it's around so seem point five billion euros worth of savings those savings taking the form of of budget cuts also of tax rises also we expect to see the the age of retirement rice and pensions cuts all of these things angering the people of greece and seeing them out on the streets to demonstrate against it now it's more than likely that that latest round of
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austerity measures will be passed one of the reasons why it will be passed is because if greece doesn't pass it then they're not going to get the next round of bailout money that they need so very much now that's just over thirty one billion euros worth of bailout money and they've been told by the three main creditors that they have to slash more from the deficit they have to make more savings and this is why they've they've put forward this path this nativist package for thirteen point five billion euros worth of savings and it's not expected to be an easy thing no as they say it should pass but it should be a very tight vote in the parliament and not leave people wondering is well even if this does pass will it be enough politicians on site in order to implement these latest savings altie long term mosco stay with us for financial news from a washington d.c. studios lorna says couple account is coming up shortly.
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the sun rises over what seems like and list forest but here in town your reactions cry for hundred kilometers no. worth of light of all stock as in much of the world it's disappearing at a catastrophic rate. bloggers both illegal and those finding ways to outsmart the system for filing down the forests of the region for them profit goes well beyond the future of our planet and the result could be an ecological crisis we are on the hunt for illegal loggers and it's not going to be easy the forests or nets in our chances are slim now for now we can stay in our dreams but as soon as we find solid tracks we'll have to drop our wheels and get out silently in order not to scare the loggers off alexander someone in ca has been a ranger for over twenty five years he can spend weeks at a time tracking
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a single group of loggers easier to work when snow falls in autumn it's impossible to find human tracks and even transport tracks are hard to see after hours of driving we get sent in the right direction by word of mouth you can see that the ground is soft here which means that they have twelve tractor trails are very fresh which in fact means that we need to be quiet in order to not scare them off as we get closer. to. this team says they're legal but have no documents now xander can now call the police to take over his work here is done he is overwhelmingly outnumbered there are too few rangers working in the promote the region and the w w f says the government isn't doing enough to stop it just. as no one tries to stop them in just five years the force will be gone what will the people who live after. it's a question more and more people are aware of today climate change in the safety of
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our environment as a whole are being discussed around the world and perhaps it's those small steps that might be a start to people living in harmony with nature. good afternoon welcome to capital account i'm lauren lyster here in washington d.c. in the zeer headlines for monday november fifth two thousand and twelve speculators doubled their long exposure to u.s. ten year treasuries last week says reuters reporting the f.t.c. data while bloggers from zero hedge say this marks the highest position since march of two thousand and eight we'll hear from hedge fund portfolio advisor grant williams on what might be driving this move will also talk about what your view was the elections and the fiscal cliff look like from asia where he does his pondering most of the time and.


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